Hill top school

Hill Top School was started on the ordinal of August 1976 with eighty students, 4 teachers, and a couple of school rooms. The varsity received temporary affiliation to the Indian college Certificate Examinations, Indian capital in 1987, whereas the senior secondary section was launched in 1993. Later within the year 2000, the school was awarded permanent affiliation in recognition of the high standards of Excellence it strives to take care of. Today, over 3 decades since its inception, it’s one of the premier English medium co instructional establishments in the town.

Principal: Mrs. Puneeta B. Chouhan

Academy Affiliation Code, Name, and Address:

Hill Top School, Telco Colony Jamshedpur East Singhbhum-831 004

The school is affiliated with the CISCE board. (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations)

Contact Details (O: Office, F: Fax, E: Email):

[O] 0657-2284061 [E]

Courses offered for study (ICSE-Grade 10, ISC-Grade 12, or both):

Classes 1-12. Students appear for the ISC in Class 12 and for the ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) Examinations in Class 10.

Dress Code for Students

Students should be dressed in the school uniform whenever they are on the school premises. Students need to be in complete school uniform when:

  • They represent the school in any inter-school event even if it is conducted during holidays.
  • When they come with their parents for parent-teacher meetings,
  • When they come to school for any reason even if it is during their holidays or there are no classes
  • House shirts need to be worn on PT days.
  • Students should wear clean and well-ironed dresses along with polished shoes every dayhill top school

Girl’s students are not permitted to:

  • Have streaked hair, fancy hairstyles, leave shoulder-length, or long hair untied.
  • No layered haircut for girls which makes them look unkempt.
  • Adorn their hair with colorful clips.
  • No painted nails. No applying Mehendi on hands during school days.
  • Eye makeup or any other kind of makeup during school hours.
  • Wear gold earrings, bangles, chains, colorful and fancy jewelry, and long or hanging earrings.

Boys’ students are not permitted to:

  • Wear caps and headgear in the school.
  • Have streaked hair, long hair, long sideburns or fancy hairstyles,
  • Wear bracelets/chains/friendship bands or other bands.

Admission Process

Hill Top School handles all applications as per the admissions policy and applicable rules.

  • Children are admitted to the Nursery Class when they are 3 years old.
  • Admission to other classes depends upon vacancies. However, if vacancies exist, a student will have to pass an entrance test to qualify for admission
  • TC from the school last attended will have to produce.
  • The right age for the class will be strictly adhered to
  • NAME and DATE OF BIRTH once registered in school will NEVER be altered under any circumstances


  • The school fees cover twelve months. Pupils will be charged full fees as long as their names are on the rolls.
  • Fees for January, February & March must be paid in January by all students.
  • Fees for the whole year may be paid in advance if desired
  • Fees in Online mode must be paid between the 5th and 20th of every month.


For most classes, a specific exam pattern is followed. Weightage is given to all assessments taken around the year.

  • Nursery: Informal assessments taken around the year.
  • KG, UKG Four rounds of assessments taken.
  • I to IV. Two semesters of 100 marks weightage in each subject Each semester has a Weekly Test cycle of 30 marks, an Internal Assessment of 20 marks, and a major exam (Half Yearly of Final) of 50 marks
  • V-IX: Two semesters in a year, 150 marks weightage in each subject, per semester Weekly Test Cycles of 50
  • Internal Assessments of 20 marks. Major Exams (Half Yearly/ Finals) of 80 marks.
  • X – First semester as above. The second Semester comprises Pre ICSE Exams
  • XI-XII Two semesters in a year of 200 marks weightage per subject. Weekly Test and internal Assessment totaling 100 marks. Major Exams (Half Yearly/Finals) of 100 marks.

Performance Statistics of Students of Hill Top academy

Candidates:  136

Average Percentage Score: 82.79

Comprehensive Subject-Wise Performance

ENGLISH – Avg % Score: 80.7

HINDI – Avg % Score: 89.2

HISTORY, CIV, GEOG – Avg % Score: 85.0

MATHEMATICS – Avg % Score: 81.2

SCIENCE – Avg % Score: 72.7




Frequently Asked Questions

1- Who made hill top school?


Hilltop  was built by DesignAware after four years of raising funds for a building. Its scale and layout were dictated by the existing terrain, as well as some neighboring dwellings with which it shares walls.

2- Who is the principal of Hill Top School Jamshedpur?

Puneeta Chouhan – Principal

Puneeta Chouhan – Principal – HillTop academy, Jamshedpur

3-Which is the best school in Jamshedpur?

Hill top school

Little flower academy

Vidya bharti chinmaya vidyalaya




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