Fee Rules

1.Monthly fee must be deposited from 1st to 10th of every month. The defaulters will have to pay fine of Rs.17-per day..
2. Pupil whose fee are over two calendar months in arrears will have their names struck off the rolls.
3.No student will be allowed to appear in the examination if all the fee are not cleared-up.
4.School Leaving Certificate shall not be issued unless all the fee are cleared-up.
5.Examination Fee will be deposited in the month of September & February. 
6.Fee once paid are not refundable.
7.Fee collection time is : From 8.00 am to 12.00 pm.
8.Fee amount will be increase 10% every Year.

Eligibility of Admission

1. The school reserves the right to admit a child in the correct class after examining the child.  
2. Student seeking admission to class Nursery must have completed the age of 3 year.
3.Students seeking admission in classes 4th to 8th have to submit Mark Sheet or T.C. or the previous class passed.
4. Parents are required to verify the date of birth of their wards through the birth certificates issued by a competent authority at the time  of admission only.NO CHANGE WILL BE  ENTERTAINED LATER ON.


A form of Rs. 50/- is available at reception. The form duly filled by the parents will be submitted to reception and it takes 10 to 15 days to issue the concerned certificate and withdrawals

Co-operation and Suggestion

A wise and proper suggestion given by the guardians in the interest of the school as well as students are highly appreciated at our school premises. Guardians who have a keen interest in the development of the school are the best cooperation for us. But practically we find that some guardians take pleasure to move their fissiparous policies on baseless grounds which prove to be detrimental both for guardians and the school. As a result of that, the academic goal of school defaces in all respects.


Discipline cultivation is essential in every walk of life. Here children cultivate discipline from bed- leaving till going to bed abide by all rules and regulations, rights and duties of their own and to others with a great etiquette and manner conducted by the school. Here environmental circumstances arise the sense of discipline cultivation in the mind of children.