// our Objective

What we want to do

The objective of this institution is the education of the whole person. Hence right from the beginning, it gears at integral formation (Character, intellectual, moral, spiritual, physical, and social) of the young who in turn will build up our nation in justice and truth respecting the dignity of each individual person. For the  attainment of this goal, the institution expects parents and teachers to share this objective and co-operate in making them a reality. Learning objectives can include 3 components: performance, conditions, and criteria. Performance All SMART learning objectives contain a performance component. The performance statement describes what the learner will know or be able to do in specific, measurable terms. The objectives of the institution have a thrust upon the self-development of student teachers and teacher educators in terms of knowledge, skill, competence,

// Spiritual And Moral Values

We expect the students trained in our school:

To be firm in their faith in God.

 To have a sense of right values.

 To have strong personal conviction.

 To have the ability to make personal and those in authority.

 To be kind and sympathetic and those in authority.

 To be appreciative of our national heritage and culture.

 To have developed logical reasoning and critical judgment with regard to mass media.

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// Social Value

Our student should be:

 Aware of the needs of the society in which they live.

 Able to adopt themselves to the changing circumstances

 Convinced of the dignity of the labor.

 Able to work with other.

 Courteous towards other, radiating joy and friendliness.

 Motivated by a healthy spirit of co-operation.