Computer Lab

Computer Science was introduced into the school curriculum with the intention of accelerating creative interests in modern technology and scientific knowledge. It is fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art, computer software, hardware, and networking. It is actively used under the guidance of well-qualified and experienced staff for imparting computer skills and knowledge to the students.

Science Lab

The school has a well-equipped science lab for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with the latest apparatus to accommodate more than a hundred students at a time. The basic purpose of the lab is to prepare children for life by instilling in them an approach to analyzing problems and finding solutions on their own. science experiments for high school are intended for classroom labs, but most can be adapted to become science fair projects too. Just consider variables that you can change up, like materials or other parameters.


We are planning to have an infirmary in the school. Besides a sick room the infirmary has well trained nurse and the help will be taken from visiting doctors. The annual medical check up of the students will be done in the clinic and a record will be maintained, the concerned parents will be informed if any child needs special attention.


  1. The school provides scholarship to those students who secure the first position regularly in three years. His tuition fee will be under rebate in his next classes.
  2. A girl child who looses her father during her study in school will be given rebate in tuition fees.
  3. The central government also provide, scholarship to minority students in our school.
  4. As per state govt. the admission of RTE is also the part of our scholarship where the students get free education. 


The school owns a fleet of buses adhering to strict safety norms. The school provides a conveyance facility to the students coming from far away colonies. Transportation facilities mean highways, turnpikes, airports, railroads, including high-speed railroads, bicycle, and pedestrian facilities, waterways, pipelines, electric utility facilities, communication lines and facilities, public transportation facilities, port facilities, and facilities appurtenant to the other.


Smart Classes

Behavioral learning includes smart classes & teaching by Audio-visual method with the help of Educational CD’s